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70 Mai Dash Cam A200 Front Camera | Dual Channel Recording

70 Mai Dash Cam A200 Front Camera | Dual Channel Recording

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70mai Dash Cam A200

Your Essential Entry into Dual Vision.






Max Frame Rate


Smart Parking Surveillance

Dual-Channel* Recording

The front and rear setup provides comprehensive coverage, providing compelling visual evidence to fully protect you from any potential threats or incidents.

*The RC11 rear cam is sold separately.

Experience Your Journey in HDR*

The HDR, enhanced by MaiColor Vivid+ Solution™️, delivers smoother transitions and improves visibility of key elements like road signs and license plates, especially in challenging light scenes.

*When HDR mode is activated, the frame rate will automatically adjust to 30FPS.

**70mai attaches great importance to personal privacy. The shown vehicle is a 70mai's test car.

***All videos were shot during driving and has no affiliation or partnership with the brand shown in the footage.

The self-developed algorithm utilizes Auto Exposure Technology and Selective Image Processing to optimize image quality by emphasizing key details, while also implementing special compensation for windshield color, resulting in a vibrant and enhanced visual experience.

  • Day Vision

  • Night Vision

1080P 60FPS

With its impressive 1080P resolution and smooth 60 frames per second, every moment on the road will be crystal clear and seamlessly recorded. That’s how A200 provides reliable evidence and document your journeys.

24H Smart Parking Surveillance*

When parking, the built-in G-Sensor detects collision and activates auto recording, and will notify you through an alert once the dash cam is turned back on.

*The 70mai Hardwire Kit UP02 is required for parking surveillance mode, and is sold separately.


  • Collision Detection

  • Time-Lapse Recording

Low-Voltage & Battery Drain Protection

When powered by the Hardwire Kit UP02, it safeguards your vehicle's battery and electrical system from damage caused by low voltage. It activates an automatic power supply disconnect when the vehicle's voltage drops below 11.8V.

APP Control

Download Our APP

Manage camera settings, view live footage, capture moments and download, all at your fingertips.

Unleash Your Fun

Easily download and share your exciting footage from your dash cam, and relive your fun trips anytime, anywhere.

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