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Amazfit Active | AMOLED Display | 5 Satellite Satellite System

Amazfit Active | AMOLED Display | 5 Satellite Satellite System

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Amazfit Active

Stay Active, Stay Healthy


Effortless Style

Dive into a vivid 1.75" HD 

AMOLED experience.

Power that Lasts

Stay connected for

two full weeks on a  

single charge.

Wellness at 

the Ready

Understand how your activity affects your mental and physical recovery, with Readiness.

Your Personal 


Zepp Coach™ brings AI-driven insights to elevate your training.

Navigate with Precision

Five satellite systems ensure you're always on the right path.

Stay in-Sync

Make and take calls, and groove to your favorite tracks -all via Bluetooth.




Easily see everything that's important to you. With the Amazfit Active, you'll feel confident and ready for action, anytime and anywhere. 


Large AMOLED Display


Screen-to-body Ratio



100+ Watch Faces

A palette of choices, 

tailored for every mood.

Always-on Displays2

Your favorite designs, always in-sight.

Editable Watch Faces

Customize data metrics to suit your day.

Portrait Watch Faces

Upload your own images and the watch will switch between them with every wake.

Life doesn't pause, and neither should you. Stay charged through meetings, moments, and miles. 

Meet the Amazfit Active. Your enduring companion.

14 Days

Typical Usage3 

30 Days

Battery Saver Mode

10 Days

Heavy Usage

16 Hours

Continuous GPS Usage 



An Active Body Needs a 

Recovered Mind

Discover your daily recovery, with Readiness. 

Generated based on your sleep resting heart rate, sleep heart rate variability, breathing quality and temperature, your unique morning Readiness score tunes into your mental and physical condition4

For a life in constant motion, master your moments of stillness.

Dive into Readiness Insights, crafted from a Knowledge Base developed by a team of sleep health experts. Enjoy practical wisdom to recalibrate your day - especially when rest falls short.

Note: Readiness Insights are available via subscription to Zepp Aura in select countries/regions in the US and Europe.

Rest Easier, Sleep Faster

Free Trial!

Experience AI-powered rest and wellness support, and take your recovery to the next level.

Note: Zepp Aura is a service available in the US and select countries/regions in Europe. Free trials require signing up for a subscription, and must be redeemed within 3 months of purchase. Its contents and any information provided should not be considered medical advice.

Zepp Aura creates customized music that intelligently adjusts based on real-time biometric data picked up by your Amazfit Active. Immerse yourself in the sounds your body responds best to.

Along with sounds that help you fall asleep faster and improve your sleep quality, Zepp Aura provides detailed sleep reports and powerful insights - along with meditation and relaxation soundscapes.

Premium subscribers of Zepp Aura can also enjoy access to the Zepp Wellness Coach, which proactively prepares daily, weekly and monthly analysis of your sleep, and uses applied Large Language Models (LLM) to answer your questions.

Zepp Fitness Membership

Free Trial!

Step up your workout game with personalized fitness reports and a whole lot more.

Note: Zepp Aura is a service available in the US and select countries/regions in Europe. Free trials require signing up for a subscription, and must be redeemed within 3 months of purchase. Its contents and any information provided should not be considered medical advice.

Dive deep into your fitness journey with insightful weekly and monthly snapshots. Sharpen your focus, reach those milestones.

Our AI chatbot, powered by advanced Large Language Models, offers training tips, nutrition guidance, and more. Engage in flowing conversations, and get answers that resonate.

Note: Zepp Fitness Membership is a service available in the US and select countries/regions in Europe. Free trials require signing up for a subscription, and must be redeemed within 3 months of purchase.

The Smarter Way to 

Stay Active

Sometimes, the hardest part of leading an active life is just finding the time.

Zepp Coach™ harnesses the power of AI to generate workout plans that are personalized to your schedule, needs and goals. 

If you're looking to really step things up,Zepp Coach™ can even develop tailored 3KM, 5KM and 10KM running plans.

Choose Action!


Sports Modes

Living an active life is easy when you love your workouts.

Whatever kind of sport makes you want to get moving, 

the Amazfit Active will be right there with you.

More Efficient Training

Means More Free Time.

When you're trying to make time for all the activities and people you love, 

time management is just as important in the gym as it is in the office.

More Satellite Signals. 

Less Interference.

Greater Accuracy.

Thanks to its cutting-edge circularly-polarized GPS antenna, 

the Amazfit Active will track every twist and turn you take6 with exceptional accuracy.

5 Satellite 



Reliable Global 


An Active Life,

 Made Fun and Easy

Auto-detection of 7 Sports

The watch can intelligently recognize10 when you begin one of seven sports movements.

Live Sports Data Broadcast

Set the watch to read out11 your sports data in real-time via your Bluetooth headphones or the watch's speaker, and you won't even need to raise your wrist to check your performance.

Race Achievement Predictions

Training for a race? Check your Race Achievement Predictions in the Zepp App12 to see how you're likely to perform.

Raise Your Game with 

Specialized Data

Understand your activity, recovery and progress better than ever with a post-workout summary of high-level data, and even real-time performance updates during Outdoor Running and Track Run sports modes.



Get a personalized activity score that's unique to you. Maintaining a weekly PAI score of 100 has been studied15 to reduce risks of health conditions like hypertension and more.

Get predictions and reminders for upcoming fertile and menstrual periods, so you can plan your active life without surprises.


Craft your own ideal smartwatch experience, 

with a huge range of downloadable apps and fun games to choose from.

Connect to the Zepp App

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the Zepp App conducts health and fitness data analysis, 

features watch face and app stores, provides system updates for your watch, and much more.

Technical Specifications  



Midnight Black

Petal Pink

Lavender Purple


(without sensor base)


Weight (without strap)


27g (Lavender Purple)

Body Material

Aluminum alloy + plastic

Stainless steel + plastic (Lavender Purple)



Water-resistance Grade

5 ATM18











Tempered glass + anti-fingerprint coating


Battery Capacity

300 mAh (rated value) 

Charging Method

Magnetic charging

Theoretical Charging Duration

Approx. 2 hours

Typical Usage Scenario Battery Life

Up to 14 days

Battery Saver Mode Battery Life

Up to 30 days

Heavy Usage Scenario Battery Life

Up to 10 days

Continuous GPS Usage

Up to 16 hours



BioTracker™ PPG biometric sensor


Acceleration sensor

Geomagnetic sensor

Temperature sensor


Circularly-polarized GPS antenna

5 satellite positioning systems


Bluetooth 5.2 BLE



Rotor motor




Vegan Leather (Lavender Purple only)



Min. & Max. Wrist Dimensions




Classic pin buckle (Lavender Purple)

Packing List

Smartwatch (including standard strap), magnetic charging cable, instruction manual 

Supported Devices

Android 7.0 and above, iOS 14.0 and above 


Zepp App 

Lifestyle Features


Feature Name


Voice Assistants

Amazon Alexa


Music Storage

up to 250MB

Membership Cards

Alternate App Menu Layouts

Customizable Quick Access Menus

Shortcut Cards

Events Reminder

To Do List

Smartphone Assistance

Bluetooth Phone Calls

(Make, receive, and answer calls)

Bluetooth Phone Music Control

Bluetooth Phone Camera Control 

(iOS only)

Phone Call Notifications

SMS Notifications

App Notifications

Notification Quick Reply

(Android only)

Synchronize Do Not Disturb

Find My Phone


Alarm Clock


Daily Life


Sedentary Reminders

Screen Lock & Password

Do Not Disturb

Morning Updates19

Sports & Health Features

Sports Features

Sports Coach

Zepp Coach™

Advanced Running Support

Zepp Coach™ running coach

Track Run mode20

Smart trajectory correction

Virtual pacer21

Race achievement predictions

Navigation Support

Route file import (via Zepp App)

Real-time navigation

Template Creation

Training templates (via the Zepp App)

Interval training (via the watch)

Sports Convenience

Live broadcast of sports data

Conditional pause

Sync to 3rd Party Fitness Apps 

adidas Running




Google Fit

Apple Health

Sports Modes


Workout Status


Health Features


Readiness score

24H Monitoring

Heart rate

Blood-oxygen saturation

Stress level

Manual Measurement

Heart rate

Blood-oxygen saturation

Stress level

Test 3 Metrics in 1 Tap

Sleep Quality Monitoring

Sleep stages (including REM)

Daytime naps

Sleep schedule

Sleep breathing quality

Sleep score

Health Reminders

Abnormally high & low heart rate

Low blood-oxygen

High stress level

Prompts to perform stress-reducing breathing exercise

Other Health Features

PAI health assessment system

Heart rate recovery

Menstrual cycle tracking

120+ Sports Modes

Sports Category

Sports Modes

Running & walking

Outdoor running, Treadmill, Walking, Indoor walking, Track Run


Outdoor cycling, Indoor cycling, BMX 

Outdoor workouts

Rock climbing, Fishing, Hunting, Skateboarding, Roller skating, Parkour

Indoor sports

Elliptical, Rowing machine, Stair-climbing machine, Stair stepper, Spinning, Indoor fitness, Mixed aerobics, Cross-training, Aerobics, Group calisthenics, Body combat, Strength training, Step training, Core training, Flexibility training, Free training, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, Gymnastics, Horizontal bar, Parallel bars, Battling ropes, Stretching


Square dance, Ballroom dance, Belly dance, Ballet, Street dance, Zumba, Latin dance, Jazz dance, Hip-hop dance, Pole dance, Break dance, Folk dance, Dance, Modern dance, Disco, Tap dance

Combat sports

Boxing, Wrestling, Martial arts, Tai Chi, Muay Thai, Judo, Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing, Fencing, Jiu-Jitsu, Kendo

Ball sports

Cricket, Baseball, Bowling, Squash, Basketball, Softball, Gateball, Volleyball, Table tennis, Handball, Badminton, Beach volleyball, Racquetball, Billiards, Sepak takraw, Dodgeball, Beach soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Tennis, Polo, Ice hockey, Shuttlecock, Indoor soccer, Footbag, Bocce ball, Pelota, Soccer, Floorball

Water sports

Outdoor boating, Sailing, Kayak, Dragon boat, Indoor surfing, Water skiing, Rowing

Winter sports

Outdoor skating, Indoor skating, Curling

Leisure sports

Hula hooping, Frisbee, Darts, Kite flying, Tug-of-war, Jianzi kicking, Esports, Air walker, Swing, Shuffleboard, Foosball, Motion sensing game

Board & card games

Chess, Checkers, Go, Bridge, Board game


Jumping rope, Archery, Equestrianism 

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