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Amazfit Cheetah, Round | Unrivaled GPS Accuracy | AI powered guidance

Amazfit Cheetah, Round | Unrivaled GPS Accuracy | AI powered guidance

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Unrivaled GPS accuracy. 

Personalized training guidance. 

Lightweight design.

Become the runner you aspire to be.

Powered by 

Zepp OS 2.0 

You're born to run, and this watch is built to help you win.Become the runner you aspire to be, with personalized AI-powered training guidance, and industry-leading GPS accuracy that stays on your trail - wherever you run.The podium is waiting for you.


Run with Precision

MaxTrack™: Industry-leading GPS Technology 

Run with Intelligence

AI-powered Zepp Coach™

Run with 


Race Prediction 


Run with 


Connect to a 

Heart Rate Belt

Run with Direction

Offline Maps & Route Navigation

Run Toward a Healthier Life

Heart Rate, Stress, SpO2 & Sleep Monitoring

Engineered For Runners

Streamlined & Lightweight Design


Lead a Winner's Lifestyle

Amazon Alexa Built-in

Apps to Keep You On-track

Rich Ecosystem with 100+ Apps

A Battery that Keeps Running

Ultra-long 14-day Battery Life

Track your run with positioning that's 99.5% as accurate1 

as professional gold standard GPS locators.

Industry-leading GPS Technology.

The Amazfit Cheetah revolutionizes smartwatch positioning with its cutting-edge dual-band GPS antenna, which picks up the same type of circularly-polarized signals that all satellites transmit. 

This technology allows the watch to pick up the maximum amount of signals and provide more accurate positioning. 


The GPS antenna is able to pick up almost 100% of satellite signals, while antennas in other smartwatches on the market can only pick up around 50%.


When you're running through cities with tall buildings or parks with high trees, this aircraft-grade technology reduces multi-path interference and tracks your movement with exceptional accuracy.

Gold-standard GPS Accuracy.

The Amazfit Cheetah can pick up L1 and L5 satellite signals for pinpoint dual-band GPS tracking, and supports six satellite positioning systems for reliable coverage2. We've got you covered, wherever you like to run.  

Import, Map Out & 

Run Your Favorite Routes.

Precise Navigation.

Import a route file3 from the Zepp App, and navigate with incredible precision as you run.

Offline Maps.

Search the Zepp App for a color map4 of the area you plan to run, and download it to the watch. Pair it with a matching imported route and you'll easily know which turn to take, even when running unfamiliar paths.

Save Location Points.

Running the same route regularly is a great way to notice your improvement over time, so store your favorite route files on the watch for easy access. You can even save location points as you go, and come back to them another time.

Whether you're focused on endurance, speed, intensity, 

pace or distance, a solid training plan is key 

to breaking your limits.

Personalized Plans  for Every Runner.

Upgraded for the Amazfit Cheetah, the Zepp Coach™ harnesses the power of AI to provide personalized running plans tailored to you and your goals. 

Plans are generated based on your current running level, target race date and distance, and your goals for the race, to help you build up to the big day in the ideal condition. 

AI-powered Guidance  as You Go.

Your intelligently crafted training schedule will adjust week-to-week, based on your performance. And to help you avoid overtraining, Zepp Coach™ will provide scientific guidance as you progress - letting you know when you're ready to step things up, or when to take a rest.

A Personal Coach, Ready to Chat.

Got a question about your workout? Ask away!

The Zepp Coach™ AI Chat feature in the Zepp App, powered by generative AI and applied large language model (LLM), recognizes your natural language descriptions in order to help you smash your fitness goals, one question at a time.

It's just like being in a one-on-one coaching session with a real human personal trainer.

Note: This feature is not available in all countries/regions, and will be available for a trial period with subsequent use requiring subscription.

Train for the Podium.

If you've got your eyes on the prize, structured training can give you the edge you need.

Create training templates in the Zepp App5 and sync them to the watch, so you can stick to a workout routine that helps you improve every session. 

For maximized efficiency, templates for Interval Training can even be created directly on the watch.

Personalize Your Performance Data.

Choose up to six metrics to display in your sports modes interfaces, to stay focused on the data that's important for your unique goals. Each data category has a wide selection* of metrics to choose from, so it's easy to compare details from your last lap to your current lap, and a lot more.

Running Data Categories









Heart Rate


*See the full Running Mode Data List in the Specifications at the bottom of the page.

The Amazfit Cheetah makes it easy to stay motivated, 

whether you're training for a race or trying to improve 

your overall health and fitness.

Pace Yourself & Prepare Efficiently.

Training for a race? Set an AI pace target in the Virtual Pacer6 and see how you measure up. When you've got a few runs under your belt and want to see how you'd perform on race day, check out your Race Achievement Predictions7 in the Zepp App. 

Understand Specialized Fitness Data.

Track your VO2 Max and get real-time performance8 scores during Outdoor Running and Track Run sports modes, so you'll know whether you're improving or need to take a rest. Understand your performance on a deeper level, with PeakBeats™. 

Lane-accurate Track Run Mode.

To help you reach the next level, the specialized Track Run mode provides professional data like Time, Distance, and Pace for every lap you run.

If necessary, the watch's algorithm can intelligently correct your trajectory9 and distance to ensure your performance data in the Zepp App matches your selected lane.

Share Your Run.

Thanks to a partnership between Amazfit and adidas Runtastic, your running routes and performance data can be synced10 to your adidas Running account, along with Strava, Komoot and Relive - and even smartphone apps like Apple Health and Google Fit.

From accurately tracking your heart rate, to automatically detecting 

what kind of workout you're starting, the Amazfit Cheetah takes 

care of the fundamentals so you can focus on running.

Accurate Workout Heart Rate Tracking.

Track Heart Rate Zones.

The watch accurately tracks your exercise heart rate11 and heart rate zones, to help you understand the details of your performance. Set alerts for abnormally high exercise heart rates, to stay safe while you run.

Connect to a Heart Rate Belt.

Along with the accurate heart rate tracking provided by the watch's sensor, the Zepp OS 2.0 provides the powerful Bluetooth connectivity needed to connect the watch to workout devices like heart rate belts. 

Understand Heart Rate Recovery.

Check your heart rate recovery in the Zepp App during the three minutes after your exercise ends. Tracking the time it takes to return to a resting heart rate post-workout is a great way to understand your fitness level and activity intensity.

Hit the Ground Running.

Quick-start Icon.

Choose a watch face with the Quick-start icon, and pressing it will instantly take you to the GO screen of the Outdoor Running sports mode. Just tap and run.

Button Mode.

Auto-detection of 8 Sports.

Your Sports Data, Your Way.

Music Storage & Playback.

150+ Sports Modes.

With dedicated modes for Outdoor Running, Treadmill, Triathlon, HIIT and more, the Amazfit Cheetah has a sports mode for every kind of runner. 

Strength Exercise Recognition.

The Amazfit Cheetah can automatically detect 25 strength exercises16, and track your sets, reps and rest time. And when you're done, check the Zepp App to see which muscles you trained.

Tips For a Strong Run

Train legs with heavier weights for more explosive race starts and powerful sprints. 

Train with lighter weight to improve endurance, for longer distance runs. 

Lightweight and durable, comfortable and breathable. 

This aerodynamic smartwatch is built for runners, from the inside out.


Streamlined Design.

Constructed with durable fiber-reinforced polymer, the lightweight watch body is ready for action. Stay comfortable, even during intense exercise with heavy sweating, thanks to the porous and breathable liquid silicone strap.





Note: 32g is without the strap.

Easy to Read, 

Easy to Control.

The watch's HD AMOLED display is easy to read in any environment - with peak brightness which can reach up to 1,000 nits.

And for easy control while running, the convenient crown and button make sure that interacting with the watch is always a smooth experience.

 Up to 



326 PPI

Classic Operation


Keep Your Key Data Front and Center.

Explore a huge selection of watch faces, including options which highlight key fitness data like VO2 Max. 

Choose an editable option to customize which data widgets are displayed on your home-screen.


Watch Faces       

with Matching 

Always-on Displays18

Getting ahead of the competition requires maximizing efficiency, 

so you need a smartwatch that can help you streamline your

 approach to smashing professional, sporting and lifestyle goals.

Amazon Alexa 


Check the weather and get other smart assistance before you race into action.

Offline Voice Assistant.

Carry out functions like opening a sports mode via voice command, hands-free.

Morning Updates.

Enjoy a summary of important information20 before your morning run.

*Amazon, Alexa and all related marks are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

Run Through a Wide Selection of 100+ Apps.

The Zepp OS 2.0 gives you access to a rich ecosystem of over 100 apps, which can be downloaded to the watch from the Zepp App.

Enhance your fitness understanding.

Heart RateCalculator 

VO2 Max Calculatoror

Run safer and smarter.

Hydration Advice 

Record your action-packed run.


A Battery That Keeps On Running.

Able to last21 up to 14 days, the Amazfit Cheetah has energy to match your own. Enable the Automatic GPS Mode, and the watch will intelligently adjust GPS settings to save power when you're running in areas with strong satellite signals.


Typical Usage

7 Days

Heavy Usage

26 Hours

Accuracy GPS Mode

54 Hours

Power Saving GPS Mode

44 Hours

Automatic GPS Mode

The health-centered Zepp OS 2.0 and advanced BioTracker™ PPG 

sensor work together to provide highly-accurate health and 

fitness data tracking.

24/7 Health Monitoring22.

Heart Rate



Stress Level

Smart Health Alerts* for:

Abnormally High or Low Heart Rates 

Abnormally Low SpO₂ Levels

Abnormally SpO2 Reminders23 

Abnormally High Stress Levels 

Stress-reducing Breathing Exercise

*Alerts and reminders need to be enabled in the watch settings or Zepp App.

Recover Better with Quality Sleep.

Create Sleep Schedules 

Monitor24 Sleep Quality and Stages 

Track Sleep Breathing Quality 

Track Daytime Naps

Connect to the Zepp App.

Friendly to both Android and iOS users, the Zepp App on your phone lets you access Race Achievement Predictions, create Training Templates, and review detailed data for sports modes like Track Run, Strength Training and more. It also provides health and exercise data analysis, features watch face and app stores, provides system updates for your watch, and facilitates smart device management. 

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