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Xiaomi Mijia Drum Washing Machine 10kg | Smart Home Integration

Xiaomi Mijia Drum Washing Machine 10kg | Smart Home Integration

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Xiaomi Mijia Drum Washing Machine 10kg

The washing machine has a 48-pole high-efficient direct drive (DD) motor rather than a traditional belt drive. According to Xiaomi, this motor will last longer and have greater precision, allowing more cleaning settings.

The DD motor is also quieter, with a 50 dBA low noise wash setting. The device has intelligent chips and algorithms that enable its 23 washing programs. You can find 16 of these cycles on the gadget, with seven more accessible through the Mijia app, where you can customize the settings further.

The device is supported with over the air (OTA) updates, possibly including more programs. The washing machine has a pause button, allowing you to add laundry at any point in the cycle.

Smart features of the gadget include scheduling your wash and integration with other smart home devices. For example, you could trigger a voice assistant notification, your smart drying rack to drop or turn on the lights near the washing machine at the end of a cycle.

The MIJIA Front-loading Washing Machine 10KG comes with three major selling point s. The first is it utilizes a Direct drive motor. This reduces the operating noise, making the wash session to be noise-free. The second key feature is sterilization and mites removal. The washing machine features high-temperature sterilization of up to 95°C and mites removal. The new MIJIA washing machine comes with up to 23 washing modes. The characteristic wool wash gently cares for the fabric.

The MIJIA Front-loading Washing Machine 10KG is equipped with a 48-pole high-efficiency DD direct-drive motor, equipped with intelligent chips and algorithms. Compared with the traditional Belt drive, it has high transmission efficiency and precise control. It is more durable while cleaning clothes and protecting clothes, providing a delicate cleaning experience.

Smart Connection

The washing machine can be connected to your phone via the Xiaomi Home application making cloth washing more easier even while you are away from the House


Th washing machine is equipped with a pasteurization function that effectively removes 99.99% of bacteria. It also neutralizes ticks with a powerful steam of hot water.

It comes with a fully translated to English User manual for easy Local use.

Also come with fully translated stickers for Local users with all the washing modes translated in English. The machine also can be controlled from the phone where everything is in English.

13 Month Warranty on the Washing Machine, 10 years of coverage on the washing direct-drive (DD) motor part.


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